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any significant gains. A fresh offensive was proposed with the New Zealanders marching out from Anzac Cove on the night of August 6, aiming to take the peak known as Chunuk Bair. A "covering force" made up of men from the New Zealand Mounted Rifles brigades was tasked with clearing a number of Ottoman outposts on the path to the summit. The Otago Mounted Rifles lost 23 men; Canterbury 22; Auckland 5 and Wellington 4 on August 6. After a heavy night of climbing, on the morning of August 7, the Auckland Battalion pushed on to the Pinnacle, a ridge just below the Chunuk Bair. In the struggle for the Pinnacle, some 227 New Zealand lives were lost, including 78 from the Auckland Infantry Battalion, 75 from Canterbury and 46 from Otago. In the midst of the battle, the Wellington Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel William Malone refused to send his men to their slaughter and resolved to press for Chunuk Bair at night. A naval barrage early on August 8 virtually cleared Chunuk Bair of the Ottomans and the

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